2D to 3D Video Converter Download

2D to 3D Video Converter, as its name suggests, is an application that was created with the sole purpose of converting ordinary 2D video files on the three-dimensional materials. The program can automatically create the so-called anaglyph, that is the material that gains special effects when viewed with anaglyph glasses (usually red or turquoise ). This technique focuses on applying the two layers of the film with a slight shift to the left and right eye, so that only with the use of special glasses we get the desired 3D effect.

2D to 3D Video Converter can create 3D videos from many popular formats such as AVI, MP4, MPG, MKV, WMV or DVD movies. The same when it comes to specifying the output file ÔÇô the application can save movie in all popular formats, as well as make use of specially prepared profiles that automatically select the appropriate settings for a particular device, like Zuna, iPod / iPhone / iPad, players make iRver, PSP, Xbox and many others). The software also provides a profile geared toward 3D movies on YouTube.

The application features an intuitive interface with tons of features, which makes it even easier to convert multimedia. All available options are nicely organized into tabs, where you can select a specific profile conversion, or take advantage of recording a prepared material to the disc. To start the conversion, just specify the file (one or more files), select the destination, image quality, and then go to the Conversion tab and press the Start Conversion button.