drEryk Download

drEryk is an application created on the initiative of doctors, designed to support offices, medical facilities and clinics. The program allows you to keep a database of all patients and employees, as well as to create reports and statistics. drEryk can be installed on one workstation, as well as in the form of a server accessed by other computers from the network.

The program interface is user-friendly and easy to use. A characteristic feature is green, medical colors and running the program in full screen mode. All program functions are well arranged, individual sections can be accessed through tabs with icons.

Working with the program starts with logging in. There are several types of accounts to choose from - nurses, midwives, doctors, medical managers and many other variants. Depending on the account, the user gains access to other data stored in the database. drEryk allows you to print medical documents, such as declarations, prescriptions, health cards, SANEPID forms, medical recommendations for patients, referrals to specialists for examinations, ZUS / KRUS decisions, nursing orders and traffic books.

An extensive patient base with a medical record enables the doctor to work with patients more easily. The doctor has full access to the patient's medical history, performed medical procedures and test results. drEryk is equipped with a large number of automated processes that support patient service - e.g. the program can remind which screening or balance tests the patient should perform, as well as warns about allergies and other dangers based on the available data.

The huge database and dictionaries cannot be forgotten. drEryk has a built-in database of over 20 thousand. medications that automatically updates. However, nothing prevents you from expanding the program resources and adding new drugs yourself. When writing out prescriptions for a patient, the user can use the appropriate printouts on ready-made forms or blank cards. The prescription module has up-to-date information on the reimbursement of individual drugs.

drEryk is able to construct extensive data reports, which he collects himself throughout the month. It is possible to create declaration and benefit reports, as well as statistics of chronic diseases, diagnoses, patient visits, vaccinations or prescribed medications.

In addition to handling patients, prescriptions and monthly reports, the program also allows you to manage the staff of a given facility and their working hours. We can assign specific roles to employees in offices. Additionally, drEryk enables the management of NHF contracts, e.g. on primary health care.