SYMFONIA Handel Download

SYMFONIA Handel is an application for keeping commercial documentation and warehouse supervision. The program allows for a comprehensive inventory of the contents and inventory, as well as for keeping a sales and purchase register. The user can also issue transaction documents related to the sale, advance payments, goods entering the warehouse, etc. SYMFONIA Handel has built-in support for external devices, such as printers, cash registers and barcode readers.

The program is easy to adapt to the needs of your company. The user can add his own documents, create model documents, define templates and document numbering methods, as well as select the method of accounting for goods in warehouses (LIFO, FIFO, detailed identification).

The program's interface is simple and clear, and most importantly, it reacts very quickly to the user's actions. Switching between tabs is very quick, which makes SYMPHONY Handel a good choice for companies that do not have the most modern computers. In addition, the program looks nice and is user-friendly.

The user has at his disposal a database of contractors, which he can supplement and edit on an ongoing basis. Contractors can be searched by filters, such as zip code, company name, tax identification number, city, region, as well as assigned to specific types (categories). In turn, specific types can be assigned to entire catalogues, which makes managing the file of contractors pleasant and easy. It is worth saying that when adding a client, you can assign a company employee as a guardian of a given contractor. As a result, in combination with the large possibility of cataloguing and filtering customers, you can use this tool for CRM applications.

In the same way as contractors, employees can add files of goods and services. As in the case of customers, there is also an extensive search engine with filters here, thanks to which you will quickly find the goods we need. The program allows you to handle multiple warehouses while maintaining common data for all warehouses and disconnecting data for documents at the same time. The application allows you to keep records of inventory and settlement of goods.

SYMFONIA Handel also means extensive management of all commercial, transaction, warehouse and cash documents. Employees can issue sales confirmations, VAT invoices, receipts, bills, as well as corrective notes. In addition to the documents related to the sale and purchase, the user can also issue warehouse documents (PZ, WZ, PW, RW, MM) as well as cash reports (KP, KW).

Using SYMFONIA Handel you can also create periodic reports and summaries based on the data entered into the program.