Ala - Mała księgowość Download

Ala - Mała Accounting is a helpful tool for all companies that make independent settlements based on the Book of Income and Expenditure (KPIR). Using the program, you will run KPIR, you will settle the income tax and you will create all the necessary declarations.

The program has an easy-to-use interface with a pleasant design. The tab interface and a good division of all elements guarantee ease of navigating the application. At any time, you can turn on the access to the book of revenues and expenses, switch between individual months and add new items or edit the existing ones. The tool also allows you to post VAT sales/purchase registers (including the creation of automatic entries to the book) and internal registers.

Ala - Mała Księgowość also has a database of dictionaries that you can create and edit on your own. You can find here databases of accounts, contractors, Tax Offices, but also files of goods and services, and even fixed assets (cars). At any time, you can create any statements, such as monthly settlements of companies and owners, collective book summaries, turnover on individual accounts or a sales summary for the previous year.

The application allows you to use the e-Deklaracje system and send documents via the Internet, such as VAT-7 (K), VAT-UE, PIT-2K, PIT-D, PIT-B, PIT-O, PIT-36 (L ), PIT-28.

Ala - Mała Księgowość is available in several versions.

The choice is dictated by the type of business you conduct and the application of the program. You make the appropriate choice during the first launch of the program. The available versions are:

MINI - Perfect for people running a sole proprietorship that settles accounts on the basis of the Book of Income and Expenses, and at the same time is not a VAT payer.

MIDI - For sole proprietorships that are VAT payers.

MAX - For multi-person companies, companies that settle accounts using KPIR or Income Records, which are VAT payers.

Depending on the selected edition, the program has additional functions necessary to perform all activities for the appropriate nature of the enterprise.