ImmersiveTaille Download

Many tools for customizing Windows 8 Start Screen have been recently released by developers.Immersive Taille differentiates itself by allowing make up the new Start Screen of Windows 8 and the classic desktop in the same window. This fusion prevents the switch from one environment to another. It’s a portable application which allows users to change the size of the Start Screen, and make it fit users needs.

It does not require an installation and comes with a no price tag attached to it. Once you fire up the application, a configuration panel invites users to use the program. Immersive Taille supports multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch and German. By default, it sets French to be the working language, so when you open the app for the very first time, you need to click the flag at the bottom-left corner to choose a proper language.

Immersive Taille brings to the table three main tabs: Basic, Advanced and the General Settings.

Starting with Basic tab, it lets you choose your desired position for displaying the Start Screen. There are several options to choose from, namely Top, Bottom, Left, Right and Fullscreen + Taskbar modes. The Overview button allows users to check if the changes were correctly applied.

If you are not satisfied with the results achieved with the use of basic options, then Advanced tab comes in handy. Thanks to advance options you can precisely change the position of the Start Screen by specifying the custom X and Y dimensions as well as adjust the width and height of the Start Screen bar.

When it comes to the Setting tab, it allows you to control the behavior of Immersive Taille with your Windows 8 start Screen. There are several options to choose from. Pressing ‘Start with Windows’ allows Immersive Taille to load at every Windows start. ‘Windows notification area’ add the app’s system tray icon. With Automatic shutdown you can schedule automatic shutdowns when minimized to system tray.

All in all, Immersive Taille is a simple and user-friendly open-source application that lets you easily customize your Windows 8 Start Screen, thus making it easy to work with.