Office Trial Extender Download

Nobody likes these short free trial periods since, let's face it, we are quite frugal when it comes to purchasing software. However, with Office Trial Extender you can extend your 30 days long trial period for Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 Professional Plus. By rearming you Office suite, you can earn yourself 5 times 30 days more, giving you up to 180 days of Office for free.

The program is very easy in use, with only two buttons: one for Office 2010 and the other for the 2013 version. By clicking "Rearm" you can extend you trial period for up to 30 days. It's worth mentioning that clicking it a few times in a row will not give you more time - the days don't accumulate. Another important thing is that Office Trial Extender will only work on active Office versions - it will not help you to unlock an already expired version of the program.

Is it legal? The authors of the program claim that users don't break any security locks, since the application uses a standard feature that has been implemented  by Microsoft itself and is normally used by business clients.

Important! In tests it also managed to extend the trial period for the trial version with 60 days of free use, giving potentially 210 days in total. However, as the program works specifically we cannot guarantee it will be able to rearm your MS Office so many times.