SugarSync Manager Download

Sugarsync is a program for synchronizing files between computers and mobile devices and is a great alternative to Dropbox. The Sugarsync application works on Windows, Mac and smartphones such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

The service offers 5 GB of space for free. Plus, there are paid plans that start at a few dollars a month for 60 GB. Advanced users can buy up to several hundred gigabytes of disk space.

The most important function of Sygarsync, which distinguishes it from Dropbox, is the ability to perform flexible, selective data synchronization. The files do not need to be placed in one specific folder on the HDD. If you want to upload a catalogue online, just grab it with the mouse cursor and drop it over the Sugarsync window.

The synchronization will be carried out automatically, along the way, we will be able to choose whether to upload the whole or only selected subfolders. Sugarsync has a built-in file search engine that takes into account resources from all connected devices. Added to this is the function of sharing individual items with friends or everyone (more precisely, everyone who knows the link).