Zemana AntiLogger Free Download

Zemana AntiLogger Free is a freeware program that enables you to protect your sensitive data from being stolen by keyloggers. Antilogger Free encrypts all the data you put in using your keyboard, so even if there is an unwanted application on your hard drive it will not do you any harm.

The program is very easy to use since all you have to do is to install it. Afterwards, it stays in the background and monitors all you do. If you launch an application and start to type in some information, Zemana will immediately begin encrypting all the information.

Since this program is often updated it remains one of the best tools to protect your PC. Not only does it keep your e-mail accounts or bank vaults safe, but also takes care of your Origin and Steam accounts. Furthermore, the program does not make your CPU lag behind so your PC will run as smoothly as ever.