Tixati Download

Tixati is a user-friendly, well-designed BitTorrent network client. The program is completely free, and with its plain interface and lack of advertisements proves a great choice for even most demanding users. However, it offers all the features a program of this kind should have.

The program allows to personalize the interface (including colours) to suit you aesthaetic taste. At the same time it enables to set sending and receiving data settings. Income and outcome data limits can be set along with priority status for each file. When adding a new torrent you can decide to download only some parts of it, and put it in a certain place in your download queue.

Apart from visual and download settings, Tixati allows to activate RSS feed option (automatically checking up a destination and downloading new files), Web Interface options (remotely controlling the program via Web), Scheduling the downloads and filtering IPs. Those interested in mathematics will certainly enjoy capacity charts and download stats.