EMCO MoveOnBoot Download

EMCO MoveOnBoot is a free program that allows a user to perform any actions on files, folders, etc that are blocked by the operating system.

MoveOnBoot adds delete, copy, move and rename items that have been blocked by the operating system or applications. If you want to rename a folder that is currently in use by the system or an unknown program, it is usually impossible - a message appears that the action could not be completed.

All file operations can be performed with the help of an easy-to-use wizard that will help even novice users go through all the steps of managing a blocked item. Even if the file is in use by a system or program, EMCO MoveOnBoot does not close processes - which can lead to system instability - but only after restarting the system.

In addition, the program can handle multiple files at once and create a detailed report after the process is complete. MoveOnBoot also has a range of different themes you can use if you don't like the default one.