BitTorrent Sync Download

Sync BitTorrent is one of the latest applications of BitTorrent, which uses a well-known and widely used P2P technology to synchronize and share data with multiple devices. The use of P2P protocol promises maximum speed transfer and unlimited storage. At the moment, the application supports Windows, OS X and Linux and allows you to build a network shared folder.

Using BitTorrent Sync is fairly simple – just select the folder to share with other computers. Then generate a secret key and share it with people you want to synchronize your files with. That’s all. This folder is automatically synchronized with other devices. It is quite a similar process to the one we make when installing Dropbox and SkyDrive. The service works over the network as well as over the Internet using the aforementioned BitTorrent technology. BitTorrent Sync doesn’t require any additional server and doesn’t provide public file sharing capabilities. Plus, P2P technology allows you to share unlimited amounts of data. These are the main differences between BitTorrent Sync and online cloud services like Dropbox or SkyDrive.

Each folder has its own secret key that must be entered on other computers to access its content. Shared folders are always displayed on the list, but in case you lost a secret key, right-click on the folder and select "Copy secret". We can constantly control who has access to our folder. There are three kinds of secret keys to choose from. One provides full access rights, while the second gives read-only access. We can also generate a temporary key to be used within 24 hours, which offers a specific type of access (read-only or read/write).

The interface is nicely organized in tabs, including Devices (displays the synced computers), Shared Folders ( displays the folders you have shared ), History ( includes a history of all transfers) and Preferences which lets you customize BitTorrent Sync according to your styles.