Open Hardware Monitor Download

Open Hardware Monitor is a free open-source program, that can display various technical details regarding the state of your computer, including CPU temperature, graphics card, chipset and hard drives. The application uses the SMART sensors, that read the information and display them in a simple, readable form.

If you overclock your equipment or encounter any problems with stability (system failure, game crashes) there is a high probability that one of the components got overheat. For this reason, Open Hardware Monitor was designed, offering a convenient way to view all the technical information about the installed devices. The program is very easy to use and monitors the temperatures, fan speeds, voltages and clock speeds for your hardware components without any issues. Even less experienced users can easily handle the application.

The program’s interface is clean and consist of a one small window which shows all data and displays them in the form of a drop-down list. The tree-like view displays all supported hardware components. In addition to temperature, voltage and fan speed operation, Open Hardware Monitor also displays the total load, the amount of RAM available, free disk space, as well as load and power, and more.

The user can simply browse all the tree elements and watch them as they change or run additional heavy software to see the effects on the go - Open Hardware Monitor automatically updates the temperature values and other elements. If you are interested in checking the stability and temperature of a single value, just select an option to display an indicator in your system tray, or a desktop gadget for Windows Vista / 7 only for a particular device.