Cucusoft Net Guard Download

Cucusoft Net Guard is a program that allows you to monitor the use of an Internet connection both at home on your local network or in a larger corporate space.

Using a small application like Cucusoft Net Guard, you can analyze the usage of all devices connected to the same network. Interestingly, Cucusoft Net Guard is not only designed to monitor - using the built-in options, you can also assign a monthly transfer limit for a specific device, as well as analyze the exact transfer graph in a given month or period of time. This allows you to stay within any download limits that your ISP and plan may have.

Using Cucusoft Net Guard will allow you to check not only which device generates the most traffic in the network, but also which program consumed the most transfer. In addition, you can check all active outgoing and incoming connections, used by each program or connection transfer and all download and upload speeds. As an added bonus, there is also an Internet speed test option available.