XNRetro Download

XNRetro is a completely free application that allows you to apply Retro/Vintage effects to the collection of your pictures. The program is extremely easy in use, has an intuitive interface and allows to apply numerous colour and light effects along with vignettes and frames. All in all you can choose among 20 various colour effects, 15 light effects such as bokeh, and 28 frames.

In terms of using the program resembles working on your photos on a smartphone in Instagram application. Having opened a photo from your hard drive you can apply a vast variety of effects. In the bottom part of the window you can find a list of pictures depicting various effects, divided into four categories: Retro, Light, Vignette (all kinds of darkening a photo on its edges) and Frame ("old photo" frame, polaroid, etc.). All you need to do is to click on a chosen effect, and the program will automatically apply any filters and show you the results of your work. By switching between the tabs you can apply up to four filters simultaneously - each from a different category.

Those who want to have more control over their photos' final appearance can use specially designed buttons that allow to modify every effect. Users can manually change brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation and colour balance, along with blurs and light strenght. Ready pictures can be saved on your hard drive or right away shared on popular social services such as Facebook or Flickr.