PureText Download

PureText is a program which allows to use the Paste special / Unformatted text feature - known from Office - to other windows in your operating system. The program works in portable version - meaning that you don't have to install it before using. The launched application puts its icon in the system tray.

With the icon you gain access to all the options. You can add the program to Autostart, as well as choose a hotkey combination which will convert the text from your clipboard to plain text (for example Windows+V). Paste the converted text into... feature allows to simultaneously convert and paste the text.

The application does not wear down the system's performance and doesn't extend the time of Windows launch. PureText is an incredibly useful and irreplacable tool for example for bloggers who paste their texts to visual editors on websites on a regular basis. PureText allows also to move the content of Excel cells to Word.