Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder Download

Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder is a program that allows quickly and easily to import missing album covers and add them to your CDs. The program automatically scans your music collection and then finds and displays the matching results based on sources such as Amazon, Google, and iTunes. These covers are added by default automatically by the program, but users can verify how the application works.

MP3 Cover Finder is extremely easy in use. After launching it you can choose any location for your MP3 tracks. You can pick up a single file or choose folders, as well as drag and drop your files to the program's window or scan your My Music library. The search results can also be based on iTunes library. After choosing an appropriate option the program will ask you to either pick up a folder or it will automatically start the process of searching for covers.

Once the program has found covers you can verify its search results by browsing the newly added album arts. You can also add missing pictures to the albums that the program didn't find the covers for. You just have to mark them on the list, and MP3 Cover Finder will display Google Search Results on the right side of the window based on the name of the file and the song. By double-clicking on a picture you can assign it to the chosen album.

The interface of the program is intuitive, user-friendly and easy in everyday use. All the important element are shown very well and using the program won't be troublesome to anyone. MP3 Cover Finder Beta is a useful tool for all the melomans who want to put their MP3 collection into order and add a cover to each and every album.

Since the program is still in its beta version you need an activation key to launch it. You can generate such a key for free by going to MP3 Cover Finder Beta's activation website.