ForceDel Download

ForceDel is a free application designed to remove files protected from editing. It even allows you to delete files that are currently in use by other applications or processes. For even more security, the program will first try to close the application that uses the file, and then remove it.

Working with the program is extremely simple, although some users may be scared of the interface, or rather lack of it. ForceDel is a command line application, so first of all you need to run the command prompt, and then use it to go to the directory folder with the ForceDel file, then enter the command: ForceDel "file path".

However, there is an easier way to delete files using ForceDel. With the use of the System Explorer, drag the file you want to delete into the ForceDel.exe. The application will automatically open a command prompt and delete the selected file. So there is no need to know the commands which should be inserted to the command line, and the whole thing completes within a few seconds.

ForceDel lets you delete any file from the disk, regardless of the fact that the application that uses it is currently running. We recommend this application to advanced users who know exactly what they are doing. Deleting important files might be risky and may prevent the re-launch of particular applications.