Photoshop Express Download

Photoshop Express is a special release of the incredibly popular graphics editor, Photoshop, prepared specially for mobile devices and for Windows 8 and Windows RT-run computers. Although the program doesn't provide its users with all the features offered by classic desktop Photoshop, the program aims at fulfilling the needs of an average users who needs the application for everyday edition of private photos for home use.

Photoshop Express is fully integrated with Modern UI interface, therefore it is quite simple and intuitive in use. With the program you can improve quality of your photos by adjusting the contrast, brightness, colour saturation, whiteness balance, exposition, luminosity, as well as modify some shadow and light settings.

Instagram enthusiasts who enjoy photos with specific colour palette will certainly enjoy the "Looks" tab which offers about 20 colour filters that can be applied to the photos. You can find effects such as warming up the photos, applying "misty weather" effect, an "old photograph" effect, and many more. Those who want to fix their photos immediately can choose the "Auto Fix" feature which automatically finds the imperfections in a photo and improves contrast, saturation and a vast number of other settings. There is also the "Red Eye Tool" which allows to remove the red eye effect, bringing back their natural colour.

There is also a noise reduction feature which allows to smooth your photos if they have been taken for example in weak light. The feature is not free, but you can use it without additional expenses for a trial period of time. Edited photos can be also cropped and rotated, and later you can save them on your hard drive, place them on Adobe Revel cloud, or share on Facebook.