Clipping Magic Download

Clipping Magic is a simple online graphics editor that allows you to crop the background from any of its user's photos. The program is trivially simple in use. The first thing you have to do is to upload a picture from your hard drive.

Afterwards you will see the editor with a couple of tool buttons in your browser's tab. The most important buttons are those marked with a plus and a minus - with these you create a so-called mask that will tell the program which parts of the picture it should remove.

Creating a mask takes less than a minute. You only have to draw a couple of stripes on the photo - green for the parts you want to keep, red for those scheduled for removal. The program displays the changes you make to the image in real time.

Finally you can save the effects of your work on the hard drive or share them in a social networking service via dedicated buttons. Clipping Magic is currently in testing alpha version so it may have problems with acknowledging blurred areas or hair.