Switcher Download

Switcher, is an application that helps you gain control over open windows and applications. The program adds the expose function from macOS to Windows, allowing you to display open windows side by side in the form of thumbnails, between which we can switch.

After starting, Switcher will be located in the form of an icon in the systray. Using the program is very simple - just press the key combination [Win] + ~ with several windows open. The program will dim the screen background and display all open windows side by side as thumbnails with a preview. Clicking on any of the thumbnails will make the program return us to the desktop, and the selected application will be moved to the very front. This allows you to quickly view open windows with a preview and navigate between a large number of running applications.

The arrangement of windows in the Switcher can be freely modified using the program settings. The tool has several view schemes that allow you to display programs in the form of a grid of windows on the entire screen or in the form of one large window with smaller ones to choose from above it (a view similar to various photo galleries on the Internet). The windows displayed in the program are also numbered. Thanks to this, we can quickly bring the selected window to the front by pressing the appropriate button on the numeric keypad. The program options allow you to adjust the numbering functions and the appearance of the windows when Switcher is running.