4Sync Download

4Sync is a free application that allows to synchronize and share your files in any formats with other users by using the Internet.

4Sync is yet another proposition for those seeking a great service for storing, synchronizing and sharing their files in the Internet. A plethora of new services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive, exists now on the market, so why should you choose precisely this one? Well, 4Sync is in fact an Internet-based hard drive and its application will allow you to use all its services efficiently and effectively.

With 4Sync you can save any files and folders on an external hard drive, so you can access your data from any place all around the world by your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. Apart from these advantages you can also share your files in the Internet quickly and easily.

The program has a modern, yet simple and minimalistic interface, so you can access your files comfortably and without any problems. Right after you have installed the program and signed up for an account you receive as much as 15 GB of free storage space for any data you may wish you get. Both synchronizing and sending all your files is done with a special website in your browser, with a folder created on your computer's hard drive, or with a dedicated application.

Additional features available via the Internet website and the browser are worth considering, since you can, among all, change the names of files and folders, add and edit markers, convert files to PDF format, etc. With 4Sync you can also create safety copies of your private data, or the whole operating system.