Prezi Download

Prezi is a zooming presentation software that lets you create amazing interactive presentations. You can start from brainstorming ideas and end up with breath-taking presentations that will shock the audience. Prezi is 3D, so you can walk your audience through a really interesting journey. It allows you to zoom out for general overview of your slideshow, zoom in to focus on details, or simply move freely through the presentation.

In addition, you can store your prezis in the cloud, or save them on your own computer. It offers a convenient way to share your thoughts with your friends, colleagues, classmates, or business clients. It is a perfect solution for teams, as it lets users share their ideas in a virtual whiteboard in real time.
To start working with Prezi, you need to make an account from the Prezi’s home page or using your Facebook account. Once you complete it successfully, start manipulating content with the use of a simple collection of controls, namely the Transformation Tool. All you need to do is click on any item on your prezi canvas to access the Transformation Tool. From this place, you can move, size, and rotate any element of your prezi. What is more, you can add frames, drawings, diagrams, and charts that can help you better clarify your ideas to your audience.

Before you start creating a prezi, you can choose from a number of templates or a blank canvas. The offered templates are reusable, which means you can edit everything that you see on them the way you like. With the Theme Wizard you can adjust the colors of your prezi and customize the fonts. Plus, you can add symbols and shapes. There is also a possibility to browse for prezis on the Prezi Explore page, and make use of prepared prezis. You can cull the ideas from given prezis, as well as copy and paste content, animations or even sound effects.