Windows 8 Multiple App Launcher Download

Windows 8 Multiple App Launcher is a lighweight, small application created for those users who want to run multiple sessions of one program from the level of Windows 8's new start screen. After activation the application will make necessary changes to the system and restore the ability to launch multiple winodws from the level of the starting screen. Then the computer will have to be re-booted.

After the launch the changed will become valid and you will be able to turn on any number of desktop applications using tiles. Every time you click on a tile the the system will start a new window instead of moving you to an already-opened session of a program.

In the previous versions of Windows every time you turned on a program from Start Menu the system would start a new session of the program or a new window. Unfortunately, Windows 8 brought some changes to this matter by changing how the start screen shortcuts behave after clicking. Now by default you can only launch one session of the program. This way it is impossible to for example launch multiple sessions of Notepad or Internet Explorer from the start screen since clicking on a tile another time will move you back to the already opened application window.

Thanks to Windows 8 Multiple App Launcher it is possible to restore how shortcuts in Start Menu behaved in Windows 7 and previous editions, allowing you to launch multiple sessions of a program.