Bing Maps Download

Bing Maps, which is a competitor for a well-known Google Earth, has been primarily designed to search for locations. However, it offers much more. It provides users with driving directions as well as current traffic conditions. Bing Maps is mainly concentrated on maps and aerial views. It lets users to zoom in images and maps so that you can have a really close look at different places. You can also check what facilities, shops and tourist attractions are available at a certain place. As far as the aforementioned driving directions are concerned, users are provided with instructions for walking or even using a local transportation. Moreover, users can add the places they like under ‘My places.’

At first blush the user interface of Bing Maps seems to be a bit cluttered but it does not take much time to learn the ropes. Then, it turns out that navigating it is a piece of cake.

All things considered, Bing Maps sports an impressive list of features and offers its users a chance to visit any place they want. Needless to say, it is worth using it.