Raidcall Download

Raidcall is a powerful instant messaging application that allows you to instantly communicate with groups of people.
Raidcall is a reliable choice for all kinds of users, including home users, employees and gamers who need a convenient way to communicate freely with several people at once. Nonetheless, the program is mainly addressed toward gamers who can take advantage of this great chat solution that works smoothly while playing games. It is a combination of instant messaging, group communication and voice chat.

Raidcall features attractive and user-friendly interface, equipped with several menus and features to make it as simple as possible. To start with, you need to create an account, this can be done either from the developer’s website or directly from the application.

Once you are done, you are greeted with the most popular chat groups. Users are allowed to create their own rooms, or just join other groups, invite friends and communicate without any issues. Despite being lightweight, it does have additional features such as the ability to share files, store chat history, apply skins and use of emoticons or features to share videos on YouTube. Raidcall also integrates with social networking sites, so we can synchronize our account with Facebook and invite friends to chat or play.

However, gamers can go to the Games section, where they can search for chat rooms dedicated to specific topics or games. You can share your ideas, experience, exchange opinions with other players.

All in all, Radical is a decent tool dedicated to a wide audience, starting from home users, employers and ending up with gamers.