Razer Comms Download

Razer Comms is a free all-in-one application for group voice chat, designed by Razer. The program is mainly geared toward gamers. It offers great sound quality, combined with functionality and cross-game chat support. With this simple application, we can stay in touch with friends without compromising our gameplay.

Razer Comms has been created with gamers in mind. It incorporates sophisticated audio algorithms along with an ultra-high-speed servers to provide players with a smooth communication. Users connect to the Razer server , and then create their own channels, in which they can chat or talk to your friends while staying in the game. Razer Comms offers additional features such as noise reduction and echo cancellation, so that even weaker microphones should hear all the orders in a good sound quality.

Razer Comms allows you to create group discussions, join other groups as well as talk with individuals. Another advantage is game integration - so say goodbye to the ALT + TAB shortcut and switching to the desktop. With excellent overlay, Razer Comms gives you the opportunity to chat and talk with friends without interrupting your game. Chat messages are displayed in a classical text chat, and we can easily check the number of people on our channel.