Cubby Download

Cubby is an application that was especially designed to let you to share your documents and folders, access them at any time you want to, and from any computer. Cubby offers both the possibility to store files on a virtual drive in the cloud, as well as synchronize files skipping the cloud.

All we need is an Internet connection. In order to start using Cubby, we have to create an account, and a free cloud storage is enabled by default. Then you can create the so-called 'cubbies', these are special folders you can make available for everyone.

Interestingly, the service was completely free until the Windows Live Mesh has been discontinued. When Microsoft has stopped supporting the service, pricing has yet to be determined for file-swapping. All in all, if the solution suits your tastes and you need an efficient and convenient way to store and sync files, take advantage of Cubby.