SpyShelter Personal Free Download

SpyShelter Personal Free is a free program for home use, with which you can comprehensively protect your privacy, for example when browsing the Internet and making transactions on the Internet. However, it is not a typical antivirus program, but only its complement.

The main task of SpyShelter Personal Free is to protect our private data from leaking out into the network. It is mainly about login data for various websites or social networks, as well as confidential data entered using the keyboard, for example when logging in to a bank account, etc.

In addition to effective protection against keyloggers popular among fraudsters, which intercept all user-entered data and operations performed with the mouse, SpyShelter Personal Free also blocks unauthorized access to the screen image and the contents of the system clipboard. This system works when we use the on-screen keyboard or copy login data from a document.

During operation, the program creates a special list - before creating it, SpyShelter Personal Free asks the user each time whether to block a given action or allow further work. After some time, a list of allowed and blocked actions will be created. Unfortunately, in the free version, the program has many limitations - among other things, it is only compatible with 32-bit operating systems and lacks support from the manufacturer. There is also a lack of many security systems - no protection against interception of an image from a webcam, sound from a microphone, etc.