TinyWall Download

Tinywall is free security software that works in tandem with the firewall service built into the system. TinyWall strengthens the system's firewall and provides the user with a number of options that make it easier to control the firewall and block / pass specific applications.

One of the more annoying situations after installing any firewall is a multitude of pop-ups asking if we want a particular program to pass through a blockade. Tinywall solves this problem and automatically blocks all applications and services after installation. At the same time, it provides banal and instant methods of unblocking individual applications, thanks to which the program configuration is carried out dynamically, on an ongoing basis and without disturbing the user. The user is not inundated with a wave of pop-up windows - basically, the program does not display any notifications. Individual applications can be unlocked with keyboard shortcuts or by clicking on the program window. Unlocking on the fly works incredibly fast - all you need to do is press the CTRL + SHIFT + W key combination and then click the mouse on the selected window. The program will be automatically unlocked and access to the Internet. In a similar way, we can initiate the processes window (CTRL + SHIFT + P) and select massively from the list of applications that you want to have access to the network.

Thanks to keyboard shortcuts or a list of processes, it is possible to quickly and easily add applications to the list of exceptions and at the same time maintain extreme security by actively blocking unnecessary processes or services. Tinywall blocks hundreds of Trojans, viruses, worms and other malware using only resources built into the system, making it incredibly light and does not consume large amounts of system resources. The user does not need to know about ports, protocols or any details related to network security - all they need to do is unblock the application and the program will do the rest.