Internet Explorer 11 Download

Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview is the eleventh version of Microsoft's browser, designed for developers who use Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. This newest release brings numerous technical modifications that improve the efficiency of performance of the program, making Internet browsing faster and more pleasurable.

In this version of the browser HTML5 and CSS support has been enhanced, and touchscreen manipulation is now easier than ever. There are also changes to the more traditional ways of handling the browser, so keyboard usage has also been significantly improved. Another great and important change is support for WebGL technologies, thus increasing the security levels of the browser.

What Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview focuses on most is employing all the technologies available to make page rendering and fetching more efficient, letting you to scroll through even most complicated websites quickly. The eleventh version of the browser uses your computer's components, such as GPU, more efficiently, allowing you to display a lot of JPEGs and render text fast thanks to graphics acceleration. HTML5 pre-rendering and prefetching make IE11 load the sites in the background before you even click on a link, so they load significantly faster.