Free Video Dub Download

Free Video Dub is a free application with which we can cut scenes from videos and remove unnecessary fragments. The program is very easy to use and breaks down to marking the relevant fragments and removing them with the X icon. The interface has been simplified as much as possible. All options are available from the level of a single toolbar, where you will find buttons to mark the start and end positions, as well as automatic jumping between scenes. To start cutting, remove unnecessary fragments from the movie and leave only the one you are interested in. After marking and deleting unnecessary scenes, save the fragment left to a new file with the Save Video button.

Free Video Dub does not encode the entire movie from scratch when cutting which means the video quality remains true to the original once you start chopping things up. Free Video Dub allows you to save files in Avi, mpg, mp4, avi, flv, 3 gp, WebM, WMV, formats.