Kingo Android Root Download

Kingo Root is an extremely useful application for any smartphone and tablet users (or any other devices running Android, such as Nook e-book readers). Once you have plugged in the Android device, Kingo Root automatically detects the model of your smartphone or tablet and downloads all the necessary drivers. Then it allows you to root the device. The application is incredibly easy to use, fast and it supports a dizzying variety of devices, both popular and new smartphones such as Xpieria Z and Galaxy S4 as well as middle- or low-end devices, and even "nameless" Chinese smartphones are usually supported.

The program is very easy to navigate, and all you have to do is just click with your mouse once. After you have turned on the program and plugged the smartphone in, Kingo Root guides you through a short and completely automated configuration process. The program detects the model of your device and downloads dedicated drivers. During the installatin process a user has to unplug and replug the device - this information is displayed by Kingo Root at a specific moment.

Once the drivers are installed the application displays information regarding the model of your devices, along with the root status (information if the device has already been rooted). To root the device you have to click on the red button ROOT. Kingo Root will begin the rooting process by copying necessary files and preparing your device.

Once you have successfully rooted the device Kingo Root displays two additional actions you can do at any moment. The first one is called "Remove root" and it allows to get rid of the root and restore original settings, while "Root again" re-roots the device should something go wrong the first time.