Audacity Download

On the top of the list of audio editors is undoubtedly Audacity, the multiplatform and open source license application that is not only rich in features, but also extremely user-friendly and intuitive. The program is an absolute must for everybody who works with either recording or post-processing audio files.

Supporting uncompressed audio standards such as WAV and AIFF along with traditional compressed OGG and MP3 files is only one of its strong advantages. Complementary to its recording options , including managing 32-bit floating-point audio are effects such as reverb, delay and compression. If you are looking forward to further broadening your capabilities than Virtual Studio Technology, Linux Audio Developers Simple Plugin Architecture and other plug-ins are available and waiting for you. Features such as the Beat Analyzer let you peg the beats per 60 seconds of a phrase.

Applying various effects has never been easier, as your Undo option is only limited by the memory of your computer. By using Bass Boost, Wahwah and Noise Removal you can change audio files to suit your needs.

The quick performance of most functions – including potential CPU harassment such as exporting to MP3 – makes Audacity the perfect choice for everybody who is looking for a freeware program that offers usability of a paid application. Since the program is based on open source license, programmers are not limited in creating new plug-ins that may enrich your experience in mixing audio files even more.