3DMark 11 Download

Have you just bought a new graphic card to make your PC ready for an upcoming release of a new
game, yet you are not one hundred per cent sure whether it is up to the challenge? To check out
whether you haven't just wasted your money, 3DMark 11 steps in.

This program is a worldwide known tool that allows its users to test the efficiency of their PC, with
an emphasis on its performance concerning graphics and 3D-environment based games' capacity. The
latest version has been designed especially for those who want to stand up to the standards of DirectX
11 technology that is offered by the brand new graphic cards and inevitably required by the state-of-
the-art games.

This release of the most popular testing program is based on the engine created by Futuremark
company and is capable of checking out the performance of the freshest PCs while they display
comprehensive three-dimensional objects. The whole test consists of six totally new parts that test how
out computer handles volumetric lights, shading, multithreading and tessellation. After the test you can
easily compare your score with these offered by other machines that have similar parameters.

However, one should keep in mind that 3DMark 11 is dedicated mainly to the newest machines that
comprise a forementioned DirectX 11 standard-bearing graphic card. As the program offers a variety of
diagnostic tools that is next to none, it proves a must for those willing to get their benchmark results.