Rainmeter Download

Free tool equipped with nice done graphic interface, allows to analyze current processorÔÇÖ use status, operating memory, network traffic, free space on disk. Program was also equipped with module which can current monitor atmospheric conditions.

There is now a single installer for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Users can choose which of our featured skins to download during the installing process, or later, if they prefer. Our downloads page can be opened directly from Rainmeter's context menu. * A portable install option has been added. * New plugin integrates Rainmeter with the CPU temperature monitor, CoreTemp. * We've improved support for grouping skins, making it easier to toggle skins' visibility and lock them in place to prevent accidental dragging. * Under the hood, there are plenty of new tools for skin developers. Support for the Lua scripting language is now baked in, as is a template for C# plugins. Expanded styles and modules now behave more like CSS. And we've added some powerful image manipulation tools for automatic cropping, flipping, rotating, tinting and more.