GG (Gadu-Gadu) Download

Gadu Gadu is a Polish instant messaging service which is based on IM technology. It is an adware like program because its users are supposed to watch adverts in the displayed messaging box. The application supports ICQ not only for text messaging but also voice messaging and file sharing. Gadu Gadu is the most popular instant messaging service in Poland which gathers over 2,5 people every day.

Gadu-Gadu got over a long way of revolution, from simple instant messaging that allowed chatting with friends and sending text messaging to Polish gsm operators, now Gadu-Gadu transformed into expanded application with more attractive appearance, equipped with many useful features. Gadu-Gadu operates in three versions, as Internet communicator for personal use as an application, Internet communicator  starting-up with browser and communicator  for mobile phones.

GG mail
Now we have the ability to use GG mail thanks to which we can send emails to our friends and family members. It is a very comfortable  feature that lets us save time because you can do everything without a need to use web browser.

New statuses
As everyone knows, at first Gadu-Gadu was available with three statuses – available, away and not available. Over time, users were given new options: invisible, do not disturb/busy and free to chat.

Voice chat
The latest Gadu-Gadu allows you to communicate with friends through chat, and know you also have got the possibility to talk with friends. It is a good alternative to payable calls by the fact that with Gadu-Gadu you will get good quality calls free of charge.

Video calling
Video calling is newness in Gadu-Gadu. With this option you can talk face to face with your  family and friends, what you and your interlocutor need is a web cam.

Gadu Gadu can be attractive to anyone, thanks to unlimited numbers of special skins and rich pallete of colours. You can adjust the appearance the way you like to satisfy your preferences.

Gadu radio
With new embedded Gadu radio you will enjoy talking with friends, you can choose from over 50 channels, there is a little something for everyone!