Windows Live Messenger Download

Windows Live Messenger is the software with powerful capabilities. To name just a few: it enables users to communicate quickly through free PC-to-PC calling, share photos and gives opportunity to enjoy having a video chat.

Windows Live Messenger boasts with a number of commendable features. It is equipped with a variety of emoticons and winks to make your conversations more lively. The collection can be easily extended by adding new sets available on the Internet. Users can customize options like changing the background of the chat window, or applying personal message to their nickname. However, users are not allowed to create custom status messages. Windows Live Messenger status messages now includes only ‘online’, ‘away’ and ‘busy’.

Additionally, with the help of the tool, users can have a video chats employing a webcam, or to make free VoIP calls around globe. Another distinctive feature is the feasibility of Windows Live Messenger to view and share pictures at the chat window, without the need of sending files. It also permits you to create groups of users to enable you to have several chats with several contacts at the same time. Favorites, which is a brand new feature, makes it possible for you to have people with whom you talk the most often at hand. It is also worth to mention the fact that the software can collect hundreds of contacts.

Regarding the user interface, it has an eye-candy design. It can be configured employing your own color scheme and theme. It also has some buttons hidden under the hood thanks to which you can keep the interface in order. On the other hand, it causes browsing menu options a bit troublesome.
Since the software is packed with lots of options it is quite heavy on system resources. Another glitch is the lack of ability to receive inbound calls from cell phones or landlines.

To sum it up, it is not an overkill to claim that Windows Live Messenger is top-notch software ideal for users who love chatting and sharing stuff with other people. Even though it has some flaws (mentioned above), the application is definitely worth trying it out.