XnView Download

Since various photo cameras are proving increasinly popular there is a growing need for a program that would help to manage evergrowing collection of overwhelmingly many photos taken with phones, tablets and cameras. XnView proves to be a program that is just up to the challenge.

XnView is an immensely popular and much liked by its user program that allows to browse, edit and group your photos for free (for home use). This program is a perfect alternative for programs such as IrfanView or ACDSee. Of course, along with rudimentary features the program has been equipped with a vast variety of additional, interesting features.

The program has a file manager that offers an enormous number of various settings that allow to modify file browsing to each and every user's needs and preferences. Users can also decide what file information should be displayed with an image - size, name, weight, date, etc. XnView is not only a browsing tool, but also a graphic editor and a converter.

Along with displaying files of virtually any format, XnView allows also to convert your pictures to one from 50 various formats. Each and every image can be edited by adding blurs, lensing or waving effects, setting contrast, hue and saturation, etc. You can also automatically fit the photo to chosen canvas, rotate it, apply text fields and watermarks. 

Of course, the program allows also to change the size of a picture, offering also a tool that helps in printing your photos, along with scanning and further putting in catalogs. Additional features include taking screenshots, displaying slide shows and generating image cards. There are also minimalistic versions of the program offered by the manufacturer to those who need fewer features, namely XnView Standard and Minimal.

All in all, this program is a perfect photo collection manager with editing tools for free home use.