Adobe Reader Download

Portable Document Format, created by Adobe both revolutionised the market of electronic documents and set standards for other companies. PDFs can be now found everywhere – from PC ebooks and instructions to university essays and research papers.

If you want to open, view and edit PDF files you need a PDF reader, just like Adobe's free Reader. Though there is a number of competing tools Reader is still a standard, first-choice application for many users.

What does Adobe Reader offer so that it is still the leader on the market? It all comes down to its intuitive, user-friendly interface which makes it pure simplicity in use. Moreover, a variety of small yet useful tools such as adding StickyNotes and comments, taking snaphots and managing security and access provide Adobe users with everything they need.. There are also extras that are used and exclusively in Reader, for example Read Out Loud tool (your personal PC lector) and Tracker (a tool monitoring updates).

Converting PDF files to Word and Excel doceuments is also possible by using Adobe online services, easily accessible by clicking “Tools” menu.

All in all, Adobe Reader remains the ultimate choice for the users who want to bring together familiar, intuitive interface and a vast number of useful tools to make using PDF files even handier.