IconPackager Download

While some of you may not care much about their icons, other are much more attached to aesthetic aspects of their desktop and may want to make some changes to their computer. IconPackager is a perfect tool for this second group. As IconPackager gathers icons together, you can supplant all your icons at once instead of one at the time.

The program has an original but neat interface that combines in looks Windows' Appearance and Personalization with features such as tabs – typical for Internet browsers. Main features of the program are put into tabs such as Look & Feel (with Icon Packages, Preview, Colors and Live Folders as subfolders), Icons & Cursors, and Settings. The trial version that can be used for free for up to 30 days comes with fewer icon packages than a full version, but it's still a worthwhile program.

While there are provided packages with names such as Flash Live, Junior and Plastic Fantastic, you can also add icon packages from your hard drive or a website. The icons offered by the program are nice to the eye. In the Icons and Cursors tab you can change individual cursors and icons, and in the Settings you can change the interface color to match other elements of your desktop. There is, finally, a Package Builder that allows you to create your own packages that you can use later by yourself or share with your friends.