After some time any Android device starts working considerably slower than it used to when we bought it. You can get furious, you can purchase a new smartphone or tablet... or you can speed it up by yourself.

Both Android and iOS use quite primitive (compared to the PCs) SSD drives. When time passes more and more rubbish accumulates on them, making the system work fairly slower and users can expect applications to stop responding. You can, however, deal with this problem in a couple of different ways.

1. Keep you memory only half full
eMMC and almost any drives should be filled maximally until they are half full. This enabled it to work at its optimal speed. The more free space there is, the better can the controller manage it. But if a drive is filled almost till it bursts the controller has to work harder to fulfill its tasks.

That is why it is better not to fulfill your disks with applications, music and other files. 25% of free storage space on a drive is a bare minimum.

2. Remove unnecessary applications
A lot of games and programs you keep on your hard drives are not really necessary in everyday use. They only slow down your device's performance without bringing anything in exchange. It is also a good idea to remove the applications that are added by the manufacturers of these devices and by the mobile operators. Unfortunately, to be able to do it you have to first root your smartphone or tablet. You can learn how to do it from our videos.

You should try removing applications with dedicated tools, such as SD Maid. It allows not only to get rid of unnecessary programs and games, but also to delete empty folders and clear the cache.

3. Plug in the device for 24 hours
Sometimes you can simply leave your Android device alone for 24 hours - provided that it is plugged into the charger. A majority - but not all - such devices use TRIM technology, and it makes it better to leave the device alone for some time. This means you should not use you smartphone or tablet for 24 hours in a row. This should help to optimize that device.