Minos Album Download

Minos Album is a simple tool that aims to help you easily create and publish 3D page-flipping albums. Due to user-friendly approach, it can be used by users of skills. It does not require any programming knowledge.

The program’s interface is clean and easy to use. To start with, import an image into the file list by using either the file browser or 'drag and drop' technique. From now on, it allows you to quickly create an album, just establish the destination folder, and publish it online.

Additionally, more powerful users can play around with its advanced options. They can enlarge an image, turn auto run mode, add music, makes some changes in the control panel, thumbnails, and print photos, just to name the most important ones. All changes can be saved in order to be automatically applied in future projects. It is a multilingual program. It does not provide a help file and you cannot preview what you have created.