Everest Ultimate Edition Download

EVEREST Ultimate Edition is a leading diagnostics and benchmarking program for enthusiasts PC users, which is based on the valued Everest technology.

EVEREST Ultimate supplies you with all the information about your computer during system optimizations and tweaking, starting from giving information about an overclock and ending up informing you about components temperature while monitoring all the sensors. The program is also integrated with FPU, CPU and memory benchmarks allowing you to measure the actual workload and compare it to previous results.

What is more, with a complete list of information about system, software and security EVEREST Ultimate Edition is an universal system diagnostics implement that consists of up to 100 pages of useful information about your computer.

Hardware Information
Motherboard and processor
Gives basic information about motherboard, processor and BIOS, DMI enumeration, AGP configuration information, SPD memory modules list, DRAM timing information and processor instruction set support.

Graphics adapter and monitor
Includes detailed information about the graphics adapter, graphics drivers and monitor, with DDC information, monitor serial number ,supported video modes, graphic processor, OpenGl and Direct3D list of features.

Storage devices
Encloses information about all hard disk and optical disk, with IDE autodetection, S.M.A.R.T. disk diagnostics information monitoring, ASPI SCSI list of devices and partitions information.

Network adapters, multimedia, input devices
Gives comprehensive information about network adapters, sound cards, keyboard, mouse and game controllers, incorporating NIC MAC address detection, IP address and DNS list address, DirectSound, DirectMusic and DirectInput information.

Varied devices
Useful information about PCI, PnP, PCMCIA and USB devices, including communication ports, power management and printers information.

Software Information
Operating system
Includes detailed information about Microsoft Windows, concerning operating system installation date, product key, system services and system drivers list. Moreover, information about processes, system folders list, system files, DLL files list and much more information.

Server and display
Information about available files, network, users and groups list, logged on users list, opened files list, fonts list and extensive information about Windows desktop configuration.

Extensive information about status, accounts, remote devices, network resources, Internet settings, list of network routes, cookies and Internet Explorer history list.

Installed software
Includes detailed information about installed software, planned tasks and startup programs.

Windows Security
Gives information about operating system security, installed security patches list and system restore status.

Security computer applications
Includes firewalls, anti-spyware programs, a list of anti-trojan programs and information about anti-virus software with details including virus database.

EVEREST CPUID panel provides you useful information about processor, motherboard, RAM and chipset. Rich in valuable information on overclocked devices, support for Intel SpeedStep and AMD Cool'n'Quiet technologies.
Hardware devices monitoring
Information accessed from sensors, including processor and graphic processor temperature, fan status, graphics adapter, processor, AGP and RAM voltage monitoring, decoding S.M.A.R.T. information. Support for Corsair Xpert memory modules.

Sensor icons
Sensor icons display actual system temperature and voltage values on the system tray.

CPU and FPU benchmarks
Actual multi-threaded benchmarks which are meant to measure productivity of old and new processors. To compare actual productivity with other systems you can use special reference list.

Memory benchmarks
Includes memory read and write benchmarks and benchmarks to measure memory latency. List of references used to compare its productivity with other systems.

Disk Benchmark module
Disk Benchmark module is used to measure hard disk and optical disks workload including (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) and USB flash. Graphical overview of disk workload is measured on different disk sectors.

Tips and suggestions
Out of date hardware detection and problems with incompatibility.

Report Wizard
It is a user friendly tool to create report files of the system.

Report formats
Reports can be created in three possible formats: plain text, standard HTML and the special MHTML format. MHTML reports with icons are ideal for printing.

Report sending and printing
Integrated transfer client supporting SMTP and Outlook protocols. Ability to print report on the spot with IE4 technology.

General characteristics of EVEREST Ultimate Edition:
Main features:
• Detailed information about equipment: 44 pages
• Information about software and system operations: 45 pages
• Information concerning security: 6 pages
• DirectX information
• Diagnostics module helpful in solving
• Tweaking options

Benchmarking features:
• 1o benchmark module measuring processor and memory productivity
• Reference results list accessible to compare to other systems
• Cache and Memory Benchmark Package
• Hard disk, , optical disk, flash driver benchmarks and support for RAID

Unique features:
• Diagnostics with critical error counter
• Diagnostics of CRT monitors and LCD active matrix
• System Stability Test including processor temperature monitoring, memory and hard disk
• Equipment monitoring responsible for monitoring temperatures and voltages on the system tray
• Temperature, voltage and fan speed reports
• Information about bartery pack
• Links to actual drivers and manufacturers
• Source of information about 52 000 devices
• Overlock information
• Available in 35 languages
• Free of installation procedure

System requirements:
• Intel Pentium processor or later
• 32MB RAM (At least128MB RAM is required for memory benchmarks)
• 10M disk space

• 30 days of trial