PDFCreator Download

PDFCreator is an application that lets you easily create PDF files from any program for free. Finding all the options is not a difficult task since they are packed into basic, minimalist interface. Since the product is ad-supported, be careful during the installation process. It offers to install the PDFForge toolbar, and set Yahoo! as your default search engine.

PDFCreator presents itself as a small, white box with a string of command icons at the top. From there users can access the options, print, navigate the files, and so on. Under the strip, there is an open space that shows the selected file's name, size, and status.
At the bottom, you can find commands for saving the PDF and emailing them. The email features allows you to add the PDF as an attachment to your Outlook email. It plays the role of a virtual printer, which means that it sends your documents to a virtual driver that converts them to PDF. Besides the fact that PDFCreator can create documents in the PDF format, , you can email a PDF, use multiple printers, and multiple profiles. Furthermore, you can join multiple documents into one PDF file, and protect them with a password. The app also features a nicely-designed Help file with support for several languages and easy to use instructions.

To conclude, PDFCreator proves to be extremely flexible program as it can create PDFs from scratch but as well as convert any files to PDF.