Free WMA to MP3 Converter Download

Free WMA to MP3 Converter is an extremely functional program that lets you transform WMA audio files to Mp3 audio tracks so that you can play them in iTunes. The app is so easy to use that can be handled even by the least experienced individuals.

The programÔÇÖs interface is simple and easy to work with. You can transfer audio files into the file list by using both the file browser or "drag and drop" technique. You convert files in batches, or simply work with individual files. In the file queue you can find a lot of information, such as the source name, format and location. The app offers 3 sample rates. The conversion process is fairly quick and requires low amount of CPU and system memory.The tag editor is a place where you can edit information such as title, artist or genre. Once the task is completed, users are allowed to view the file size and duration of the file. On the downside, you cannot change the default settings, but on the contrary you can define the directory folder or delete the file from the list.

Free WMA to MP3 Converter is a versatile program specifically useful if you have tons of music files in the Windows Media format and looking for an easy and fast way of converting them to the MP3 format.