DJ Mix Pro Download

DJ Mix Pro is an audio application with some abilities to mix audio files. With the help of the tool users can create playlists and mix various songs.
The user interface of DJ Mix Pro is good looking and intuitively configured. Its success lies in its simplicity, because it makes it easier and faster to perform all the actions without any confusion. The installation is simple and straightforward as well.

Given the depth of its features, DJ Mix Pro is equipped with Beatlock Technology which analyses BPM of songs. Then it decides which ones can be combined together. Beatlock does not change the quality of sound of your files, it only finds their BPM. Plus, users can fiddle with it a little bit and e.g. divide, double, or shift it. DJ Mic Pro also gives user a possibility to play with it even more, by inserting a fade at the beginning and the end of the song or by adjusting the pitch. Moreover, users are allowed to select in accordance with their needs either manual or automatic mixing. Plus, it makes it possible to display song information and an equalizer.

A really annoying disadvantage of DJ Mix Pro is that users need to move each slide bar with some accuracy otherwise you will go back to the initial position.
To sum it up, DJ Mix Pro is easy to use and handy application that does it job well. It is appropriate for users who start their adventure with mixing songs, because professionals may find it a bit amateurish and might prefer something more advanced.