RealPlayer Download

RealPlayer is an all-in-one media player designed for people who download tons of movie files and love watching them. The last overhaul of Real Player focused on modernizing its interface, whereas this version is all about offering competitive features such as the new Real Music Guide that provides information about artists, reviews and recommendations, Music and My Library page, updated device profiles for recent gadgets. Now it can handle almost all multimedia files and offers better mobile and social networking integration. With direct access to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter you can easily share your favourite videos with friends. This update also includes a built-in feature to transfer videos to  mobile devices what allows you to copy your favorite videos to an iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and other well known  devices automatically. It speeds up the downloading process and provides a new Private folder where users can hide their personal files. With Real Player you can collect your favourite video clips , and then you can play them at any time and place. It is worth mentioning that the app also includes the Message Center that allows you to be updated with the latest news and to customize the received messages according to your interests including the following topics: News, Sport, Entertainment and Music.

There are two versions of the application currently available on the market, Real Player free of charge and Real Player Plus which is a paid product slightly richer in features such as advanced CD burning, Crossfade, Analog Recording, multiple audio formats and more.

Unlike the set of features in the application and its abilities, the interface hasnÔÇÖt evolved to much. Preserving familiar layout benefits old time users. It consists of three sections: the player, the Library section for organizing media content and a CD burner. At the beginning users may feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of options it makes available and the installation process may be exhausting as it offers┬á a wide range of products that you can choose to add or ignore.

Main features of RealPlayer:

Online radio:
ÔÇó┬á ┬áWith over 3200 worldwide stations and 60 stations without annoying adverts
Extensive setting capability
ÔÇó┬á ┬ápersonalise sound with graphic equaliser and enhance the video quality with advanced controls
Advanced CD burning:
ÔÇó┬á ┬áyou can rip, mix and burn CDs ÔÇô encoding MP3 files at up to 320kbps
Play everything:
ÔÇó┬á ┬áRealPlayer can play all main media formats like Quicktime MPEG-4, Windows Media, DVD and much more
Fun, easy and intuitive:
ÔÇó┬á ┬áYou will be able to surf on the Internet, oraganise audio and video files, create playlists and do much more with RealPlayer

System requirements:
ÔÇó┬á ┬á 1GHz procesor or faster
ÔÇó┬á ┬á512MB of┬á RAM
ÔÇó┬á ┬áHigh speed Internet connection
ÔÇó┬á ┬áSound card and speakers
ÔÇó┬á ┬á CD or DVD writer
ÔÇó┬á ┬áDVD player and DVD playback software

Features not available in free version:
ÔÇó┬á ┬á DVD/VCD burning
ÔÇó┬á ┬áGraphic equaliser
ÔÇó┬á ┬áAdditional CD burning facilities like audio filters and multi-session burning
ÔÇó┬á ┬áManual conversion of media
ÔÇó┬á ┬áAbility to print Library
ÔÇó┬á ┬áAdvanced video options
ÔÇó┬á ┬áCrossfade
ÔÇó┬á ┬áMicrophone or Line in recording