Mozilla Firefox Download

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular Web browsers in the world. Lanuched in 2002 as a form of resilience against the monopolised market of WWW browsers, it has successfully evolved as one of few completely non-profit projects. Based on Gecko engine, it has been the first to adopt new WOFF fonts that will become standard in the future.

Installing Firefox is fast and easy, afterwards only the essential tools are present. It significantly speeds up the process of loading content. Though its intuitive interface is minimalistic, it offers all the important security and download managers. Additional options can be downloaded and installed via Add-ons menu and there are literally thousands of them, waiting for you to install them and to improve the functionality even more. With Firefox it's also much easier to detect and get rid of any unwanted toolbars that users often download, unaware of their detrimental effect on the system performance.

Mozilla enables you to quickly import all the bookmarks and settings from your previous browser. It is an undeniable pioneer when it comes to enabling the user to customise the browser without invading their privacy or slowing down its running. A variety of small yet incredibly useful features – from Swith Tab to Download Manager, from the location bar to the addblock and DNT – improve the browsing experience even more. The browser supports full hardware accelaration across all platforms, meaning that it adapt to your machine automatically, leaving up to you only what you install Firefox for: safe and secure yet uninterrupted Web browsing.

Mozilla Firefox is a fully-featured, open source web browser with a clean design that offers excellent browsing speed and very powerful customization tools, includes comprehensive pop-up blocking, tab-browsing mode, integrated Google search, simplified privacy controls, a streamlined browser window and a wide range of modern browsing conveniences. The browser that people can use today offers highly competitive options and add-ons including improved security when performing Google searches, quick loading even the most intense graphic pages and Facebook integration, what maintains its reputation for being the most powerful, the fastest and one of the World's most popular browser available. Mozilla Firefox returns to the browsing field with a major revamp.


The Firefox irons out some of the problems that previous version suffered from. These include memory leaks caused by annoying add-ons, long browsing sessions and heavy tab usage.

The installation process is zippy and painless and doesn’t require you to register to use the application. If you're just updating Firefox, it analyzes your add-ons to check whether you installed them or they came from third-party vendors, it lets you disable any of these third-party add-ons and what is the most important it can block them from auto-installing.

Firefox Sync is a feature worth mentioning at this point as it recommended to set it up after the installation process. It allows users to synchronize and backup browser bookmarks, passwords, forms, preferences, history, generally all your settings, add-ons and personal browsing data, by storing these data on the dedicated Mozilla servers.

Unlike the set of features in the application and its abilities the interface hasn’t evolved too much, but the new add-ons lets users naturally browse through its nifty features. Customization has always been one of the strongest points in Firefox and with this function you can change almost everything in your web browser, starting with its appearance and ending with features and functionality.

There are some nice aesthetic touches. Mozilla benefits from new themes and downloadable extensions support, along with support for so-called Personas that add visual changes to the browser for even greater personalization, as well as add-ons for adding new functions to the application.

Mozilla Firefox is inarguably the most comprehensive set of innovative Web browsing features that offer safe browsing experience with simplified privacy controls that cover our tracks more effectively and secure connections when performing Google searches. The application also brings silent updates for Windows users and an updated site identity indicator. New tab layout, by the way, offers fully customizable icons that allow easy and quick access to bookmarks, recently visited sites and sites accessed most frequently. One of the most useful add-ons, especially for those who  inadvertently use Facebook Messenger, is incorporated Social API that allows constant access to social networking sites even when you are not on its page, so you can perform multiple tasks while chatting.

All in all, Mozilla Firefox has made massive waves back over the past two years, as it is highly configurable and perfectly stable and provides a lot of goodies under the hood what makes web browsing faster, safer unobtrusive and more enjoyable.