BullGuard Internet Security Download

BullGuard Internet Security is a complete internet security suite which protects you and your computer from online threats like identity theft, credit card fraud, hackers, spam, viruses and spyware. Key features include Antivirus - now with Behavioural Detection - Antispyware, Antiphishing, Spamfilter, 5GB Online Backup, free Support 24/7, Gaming Mode, Inspector, a minimal memory footprint and a userfriendly interface. The behavior based detection antivirus engine enables BullGuard to counter what in the industry is known as Zero-day Attacks. Instead of merely catching viruses once they've made their way to the virus signature database, Behavioural Detection identifies viruses which behave abnormally based on file, registry, process, and network events on the computer. The technology enables BullGuard to catch 65% more malware than traditional reactive virus detection programs. Another new feature is the Inspector, which checks the programs installed on your system (such as MS Word, MSN Messenger etc.) for known security 'loop-holes' and reminds you to update them when necessary.