EVEREST Home Edition Download

If you think you are missing some of the drivers (and it is quite a common issue, especially when it comes to laptops and netbooks), you may want to give a try to Everest Home Edition. This program is a freeware diagnostic and report generator that makes it simple to discover essential information about the system.

With just a few clicks Everest lists the details about both your hardware and software, as well as CPU, motherboard and operating system information. Thanks to its easy-to-navigate and intuitive interface, Everest enables you to find out specific information about all components of your hardware as well as installed and lacking drivers.
Another feature of the application is the diagnostic mode that allows to create diagnostic reports in either text or HTML format.It assists the user when troubleshooting the computer and checking up stability metrics.

The only drawback that could be found is that Everest may sometimes get too much into the details, especially if you try to work with the full system Report Wizard function. The amount of data processed by the application may cause it to work for ages, eventually slowing down your computer of even crashing the system.

However, when it comes to, for example, checking up whether your computer meets the requirements for a game ÔÇô Everest is the ultimate choice.